A Textile Processing Unit and Manufactures of Printed Fabrics

Welcome to Sheel Textiles

Sheel Textiles is distinguished by its Unique Prints, Fast Dyes in various range of Fast Colours, latest designs and quality products.

Ours is a Eco-Friendly Processing Unit. We have been going through continuous development with the input of latest designs, marketing and the on going revival of traditional textile skills.


Different fabrics have different methods of dyeing. Dyeing can be done by different types of jiggars of different sizes

The Fine Artof Printing

Different fabrics require different types of colours of printing. The choice of colours could be procian, rapid, khari,

Applique And Bead Work

Applique, a French term, is a technique by which the decorative effect is obtained by superposing patches of

Processing Machines

We have different types of machines installed in our unit and different processes to be carried out for fineshied