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Applique, a French term, is a technique by which the decorative effect is obtained by superposing patches of coloured fabrics on a foundation fabric. The edges of the patches are stitched in various forms. It is combination of small pieces of cut fabrics which are usually joined side by side to make a large piece of fabric.

In appliqué, different pieces of cloth are patched together to make a multi coloured mosaic. The exotic colours, shapes and pattern combinations against contrasting backgrounds catch the eye. Only a limited number of colours are used in the traditional appliqué craft. These are green, red, blue, amber, orange and black. The creativity of the craftsmen is seen in the various combinations of motifs as well as in the mixing of these limited colours.

Pin-tucs has been used to create texture effect.

Bead work and allied work:-

Beautiful, rich colour beads work are used to create dropping effect.

The art of bead work combines textile and fibre arts with the use of beads. Transparent and semi-transparent beads are used to produce a remarkable line of embroidery. The concept of Bead work developed because of the influence of European traders.

Though beadwork was time-consuming and required much skill, concentration and efforts.The process involves several steps. After the beads are sorted by colour, shade, size and arranged in batches, the colour combinations of the work is decided according to the designs to be worked out. Beautiful, rich colours such as orange, yellow, green, purple and red are used for an interesting effect. If dark colours such as green or purple are used as a background, white or yellow beads are used to outline the figures and make them stand out. In beadwork the border is generally made first and then the rest of the pieces are worked in either of the two methods, the mono or tri-bead system. We use various types of bead work such as plastic beads and metalic beads.

Besides, we use to carry out the following allied works

  • Cut Dance Golden.
  • Silver Sequins and Cut Pipe.
  • Metal Sequins.
  • Stones.
  • Latkan.
  • Mirror.
  • Thread.
  • Aritari.
  • Dabka.
  • Kundan.