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Different fabrics have different methods of dyeing. Dyeing can be done by different types of jiggars of different sizes . The choice of the technique depends upon the quality of the base fabrics, the quality to be dyed among other factors. As per the customer's requirement, the dyeing is being done in Procian, Vat and Sole dye. Dyes are done in different colour patterns.

We provides :

  • Washing Fastness.
  • Sun Fastness.
  • Colour Fastness.
These dyes are not harmful for environment and human mankind.
Automatic Jigger are used for fabric Dying.

Tie and Dye :

Tie Dye to create a colourful pattern.

Tie-dye, is a technique of patterning fabric by tying parts of it in different ways to prevent the penetration of dyes. A pattern of stripes, waves and zig-zags on cloth is created and is called Leheriya. For making these types of fabric, synthetic and chemical dyes are used. In this process the piece of cloth tightly and diagonally tied from a corner and then tying it at intervals creating diagonal stripes when dyed and tied. Successive and alternate dying and tying creates the multi coloured effect. We used to tie and dye an different types of fabrics such as cotton, chiffon and other blends as base fabrics.