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Different fabrics require different types of colours of printing. The choice of colours could be procian, rapid, khari, gold Rogan, copper, silver, vegetable dyes and pigment colour. The technique of printing has advanced from Hand printing to Screen printing. Each technique has its own unique characteristics. It requires a lot of experience and expertise to choose the correct technique depending upon the nature of design to be printed, the repeat of the print and colour of the base fabric.

We have three types of printing units :

  • Hand Block Printing.
  • Screen Printing.
Technique of screen printing.

Hand Block Printing

Hand block printing is done with the help of wooden blocks.

Sheel Textiles uses hand-carved wooden blocks to print Cotton, Maheshwari, Chanderi, Lizi-Bizi, Tussar, Kota-Doriya, Sp. Weavas, Canvas, Khadi Silk, Jute Silk, Chiffon and other blends as base fabrics. Wooden blocks are made by cutting and carving the Teak wood. The cloth to be printed is stretched out on a waist high table five meters long and pinned at each end to secure it. A tray is filled with the pigment and the block is placed in to it to collect the accurate amount of dye. Each colour has its own block and each colour is lined up using tiny markers in the blocks. The more colours used, the greater is the time and labour required for cutting the blocks and printing the cloth. Different dyes react in different ways and hence have separate process when applied to fabric. Once the cloth has been dyed it is washed to remove excess dye and the resist paste. Hand block printed fabrics are best washed in warm water with a gentle detergent. This ensures the colours remain rich and vibrant.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is modern printing style with the concept of tables to get the good quality of printing by using rapid , pigment, gold, silver, copper and khari colours. This type of printing is time saving process. In this process different screens are used for printing different designs. A screen is filled with the colour and is placed on the fabric for printing it. Each colour has its own screens. This process requires at least two workmen.

Wooden block are carved according to design.